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June 2015
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This story was shared with me on Feb 2, 2015 by Dana Mercado, Clinical Nurse Manager of 5E Rehab:

This patient, Mr. G, was in the Rehab unit for 13 weeks. I would like to share with you the difference we are making here at MMC. Today I was reviewing the progress of one of our burn patients Mr. G. He is a war veteran who resides in Victoria, Texas and became ill with Pneumonia. He was admitted to the Blocker Burn Unit at UTMB on 8/28/14 after suffering with a severe reaction to the antibiotic Levaquin, called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. This reaction caused severe burns to 65% of his body, better known as TEN (toxic epidermal necrolysis). On 12/15/14 he was transferred to our Inpatient Rehab for further wound care and rehabilitation. Due to his lengthy hospital stay and burn care at UTMB Mr. G developed pressure ulcers stage IV to his sacrum and unstageable right heel. Though he struggles with poor endurance and orthostasis he and his wife remain positive and every day let the staff know how thankful they are to be here. Mrs. G has shared many emotional moments with us and is encouraged by our efforts and teamwork. As I was reviewing his photos today, I became overwhelmed and at that moment I realized how special our team REALLY is and how together WE do make a difference. His wounds progress are remarkable!! I just had to share his progress that was undeniable! I gathered our team, nursing and therapy and called Mrs. G to show her what I was seeing she became overwhelmed with tears and could not thank us enough. Sometimes we can't see past the struggle and lose focus of what's at hand. But today and every day, our team makes a difference and I am so proud to be part of a team where miracles happen every day! A big thank you to Dr. Wheeler and Lisa Ginapp for entrusting our care to their patients and this wonderful experience on our Rehab Unit.


Mr. G was discharged from 5E Rehab on March 20, 2015. His functional status improved from dependence for all ADL to modified independent for all ADL. Additionally he was able to ambulate 6-7 feet with a walker, and transfer to and from wheelchair. He was discharged home with home health.

On April 27, 2015, Mr. G returned to visit the care team on 5E Rehab walking with the assist of a walker! He and his wife wanted to nominate the entire team on 5E Rehab for a DAISY Award. It is my honor to extend their nomination for the 5 E Rehab DAISY Team Award.

Debra Bauer, RN, MSN, MBA

Chief Nursing Officer


Dr. Edward Wheeler, MD

Lisa Ginapp, NP

Lynette Rowe, CSW

Dana Mercado, RN

Cecilia Uniandeye, RN

Katsura Kurayama, RN

Anna Jeremicova, RN

Veronica Boyd, RN

Lucy Pierce, RN

Nichelle Thymes, RN

Deb Tyra, RN

Deb Purdy, RN

Chun-Na Chen, RN

Pamela Hennigan, RN

Steve Dietz, RN

Kelli Catanzaro, RN

Kristina Moody, PT, DPT

Daniel Estrada, PT

Fareeda Hosein, PTA

Clifton Dickerson, PTA

Nancy Moore, OT

Adam Richison, PTA

Karen Corson, COTA

Heather Parks, ST

Henry Malik, ST

Dominique Bird, RN

Teresa Falk, RN

Pamela Williams, CNA

Amanda Harris, CNA

Donna Gaines, CNA