Francesca Giggs

Francesca Giggs, RN

Nephrology/Kidney Transplant unit
DMC - Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

I am a kidney transplant patient, so I require a lot of care. Francesca was there for me every step of the way. She never made me feel that I was bothering her. She was always in my room making sure that my needs were met. Not just because she had to be - I could tell that she wanted to be.

What really made the difference though is that she took the time to clean my backside when I couldn't do it myself. That was a very embarrassing time for me because I'm use to doing that for myself. Francesca never made me feel like I needed to apologize. And instead of asking someone else to do it, she took care of it herself. That's special in my opinion!