Forensic Nurse Examiner Team at Christiana Care Health System
April 2017
Forensic Nurse Examiner Team
at Christiana Care Health System
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The FNE Team is comprised of Nurses who are trained to provide comprehensive care for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child or elder abuse and neglect, and other violent crimes. Thousands of victims of these crimes have been treated at Christiana Care Health System since the Forensic Nurse Examiners team began in 1996.

The FNE Team provided support for 2,061 patients in the year 2015.  In addition to patients treated, the Team received 166 subpoenas to testify in Court proceedings.  Of those subpoenas, the Courts plan on using a FNE team member as a key witness in 146 of the trials. 

The FNE team provides compassionate care to victims of violence.  They not only collect the physical evidence for patients but also provide emotional, holistic support and outpatient resources for victims follow-up.  As recognition for this, in 2014 the US Department of Justice awarded the Forensic Nurse Examiners team with the Allied Professional Award for providing physical and emotional care to victims of crime while collecting and preserving evidence.

Team Members honored with this DAISY Team Award:

1.  Blomquist, Meghan

2.  Cessna, Alexandra

3.  Dempsey, Erica

4. Fillingame, Kate

5. Hensel, Amy

6. Holveck, Jennifer

7. King, Kimberly

8. Lougheed, Donna

9. Lukk, Heather

10. McNulty, Angela

11. Mench, Christi

12. Oldham, Jennifer

13. Painter, Justine

14. Pyle, Jessie

15. Peluso, Sarah

16. Scott, Marquita

17. Siebach, Melissa

18. Stier, Amy

19. Symonds, Anita

20. Vivolo, Lauren

21. Woerner, Amy

22.  Anita Symonds

23. Nicole Possenti