Felicia Coleman

Felicia Coleman

Felicia Coleman, RN

Methodist Charlton Medical Center
Dallas, Texas
United States

Felicia had my dad for two nights, both of those nights he was on CVVHD. My mom said she never left his room the first night. When my mom asked Felicia if she was going to take lunch she said, "no, I have more important things to do". Now that is dedicaton.

The last night of his life he had mulitple visitors coming in and saying goodbye. Felicia never waivered and just worked around everyone. When I asked her if it was too much she said, "no, you do what ever you need to do; I am fine". Before withdrawing life support we gathered the immediate family in the room to say goodbye (approximately 15 people) and she quietly went about his care never saying a word to interrupt.

As a family we had decided to continue all treatment until midnight, she did everthing as ordered and any changes in my dad's condition she immediately called for orders, knowing we were going to withdraw life support at midnight.

She was the most caring and compassionate caregiver for my dad. As my family was preparing to let go and grieve, she was a rock and never waivered in his care and compassion.

As the Medical Power of Attorney it was my responsibility to sign the consent to withdraw life support. In my nurse mind I knew what my dad wanted, but in my daughter heart I was broken. Felicia literally held me while I wept and until I could sign the form. She comforted me during my most difficult time to date. After he was extubated and all drips were stopped, she stood at the end of the bed with her arm around me until his heart stopped and he peacefully went home. We feel like her love and compassion for my dad, me and our family helped us during our time of mourning. We can not thank her enough for the quality and compassionate care she gave him in life and death. God Bless.