Faith Stutler

Faith Stutler, RN

UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

My brother was admitted and dying of liver cancer. We did not expect this to happen so suddenly. The nursing staff could not have been more supportive. As a nurse I hear many people complain about how intrusive staff can be and how they cannot get any rest. My brother was admitted with mental status changes and shortness of breath. It was important to us that he be left alone and he was quiet. We made his status CMO. The staff kept the door closed and kept the noise at a minimum. They quietly came to see if we were OK and if there was anything my brother or we needed.

Faith Stutler was compassionate beyond anything I have experienced. She was eager to learn about the dying process and how we could make the transition easier for the patient and family. She listened to my past experiences with my patients and family and did everything to assure my brother was comfortable. Everything was coordinated for him to do inpatient hospice. My brother was not stable enough to be transported to a facility. Faith paged palliative and everything was coordinated to make my brother comfortable and ease the stress of family and friends who were watching him suffer. At the change of shift, Faith came and hugged me, thanked me for being so patient and sharing my experiences with her. She gave her condolences as we knew that my brother would not be there when she arrived back in the morning. My family was so touched by her concern and compassion.