Ewa Duda

Ewa Duda

Ewa Duda, RN

4G Oncology
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States
Ewa's care was excellent and she helped educate us regarding the bed wound and its care.

My husband and I with our mom, B, came through the ER for a debridement of a Stage IV and Unstageable bed wound. We had placed our independent mom, age 86, in a nursing home after a stroke (reversed) and a short stay in the hospital. We had no knowledge of bed sores or wounds prior to this trip.

One of our first nights, our night nurse, Ewa Duda, encouraged us by saying, "You are going to beat this B, you show them!" Her care was excellent and she helped educate us regarding the bed wound and its care.

As many options for further surgeries, (colostomy and supra pubic catheter) were given to us to consider, we were left searching what options would be best for Mom's wound healing. We had no background in medical procedures and were "newbies" to all of this.

One early morning, before shift change, I called to speak to Ewa, regarding Mom's night care. I told her of our great concern in putting mom through any additional surgeries. She assured me, that in her opinion, we could care for the wound without a colostomy operation due to the location of the wound. Then in conferring our case with the doctor, we decided to forego further surgeries.

We have now been in WellBridge of Rochester for two weeks and have managed to get to the commode for any bowel movements with some "bowel training". We are using a walker with assistance. Mom is getting stronger. The battle is still on for the healing of this large wound.

We are so grateful to Ewa for her excellent and personal care, encouragement and education on how to best care for this wound. It has not been an easy situation, we are especially thankful not to have had another surgery.  Thank you, Ewa!