Eugenia Bodea
May 2018
Abrazo Scottsdale Campus
United States




I would like to take the time to sincerely thank all the kind and respectful nurses at ASC who attended and assisted in my recovery.  I will never forget this experience.  I would especially like to thank Eugenia, she went over and beyond her call of duty to provide extra care, compassion, empathy.  She made sure to educate me on my options for care as well as encouraging me to recover.  She also made sure I was going to be well cared for on my return home due to the fact that most of my family resides in another state.  I only had a one night stay after my surgery at the hospital and I was coming out of the post-surgery symptoms.  But I remember the great kindness and care Eugenia provided to me including extending an ear with empathy when I shared a personal story.  Just the attention to detail of a nurses’ care can make a huge impact on the recovery of a patient. Eugenia is a great example of a caregiver who is a deserving nurse.  My sincerest appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work you provide, excellence in care.