Esther Adeyemi
January 2016
Inpatient Palliative Unit
Atlanta VA Medical Center
United States




"Overall, my favorite thing about direct patient care is the rapport that I established with patients and families as well as the impact I have been able to have on their lives. My career always gives me joy as I am able to motivate others."
-Esther Adeyemi, BSN, RN

Esther Adeyemi gives exceptional patient care with kudos from family members while exhibiting a positive demeanor. While on Palliative Care, Esther has been an emotional pillar for many of her patients in their last hours of life. She goes above and beyond her regular hours to offer emotional support to the families. Esther has built trust and good rapport with several of her patients and families, many of whom return to the unit to visit and ask for her. Esther has been requested by patients and families to be their nurse until they are discharged. She has a phenomenal relationship with the staff and other interdisciplinary members. She strongly believes in the caring model and treats every member of the team and her patients and their families with respect, courtesy and dignity.
The spouse of a veteran Esther cared for wrote: "Esther is always willing to go the extra mile for my husband to make sure he is comfortable even when I am not there. I even like the way she encourages me when I am feeling low. She is very professional in regard for his needs, very observant in his changes in behavior, concerned about his total care, and my care. She is the type of caregiver that I would always want on my team!"