Estephanie Credo

Estephanie Credo, RN

Operating Room
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Estephanie is a highly compassionate operating room nurse. I work with her frequently in the OR and there are so many examples of her compassionate care. The OR can be quite a sterile, serious place with little room for caring. She finds ways every day to change that. She always finds her patients preoperatively to talk with them, answer questions and settle their minds. Her calming personality does wonders for such stressed perioperative patients. During operations, in addition to her careful attention to detail, she is always also focused on communication with the patient's family... she calls them personally every couple hours to let them know all is well and occasionally if they cannot be reached by phone, she will find them on her break to speak face-to face with them. Her care extends beyond the patients to their families as well. She creates a respectful, thoughtful environment in the OR that breeds further respect and caring towards the patients and other staff.