Erin Odom

Erin Odom

Erin Odom, BSN, RN

Swedish Cancer Institute Medical Treatment Center
Swedish Ballard
Seattle, Washington
United States
Erin not only helped me understand the surgery I eventually did not need, but she helped me talk to my doctors. Seeing so many new doctors was frustrating and a bit frightening.

Erin Odom is not an average nurse. While it is true that she handles the job of connecting me to my IVs and making sure that my blood pressure and oxygen levels are fine, she goes above and beyond all of that. I get hydration at the Ballard Infusion Center and Erin is my nurse. When I began this course of treatment, I was a tired, depressed woman. I was coughing so loudly, that my PCP's office could hear me from 6 stories away. It was a time when I spent most of my free time going from doctor to doctor for treatment. So depressing.

When the doctor started talking about a surgery I hadn't heard of - fundoplication, I talked to Erin. Erin studied the surgery in her free time. She was able to explain it to me in a way my surgeon could not. We talked about how to handle this cough that did not want to go away. Erin not only helped me understand the surgery I eventually did not need, but she helped me talk to my doctors. Seeing so many new doctors was frustrating and a bit frightening. Erin helped me with dialogue and questions to ask. The next time I saw her, she would ask how it went and we would discuss it.

My reason for hydration was Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Erin helped me manage my Chronic Fatigue with suggestions for day to day living. She gave me the idea of taking a nap each time my grandson would come for the day. She said I should make it a priority. After she said that, I told my grandson we would all have rest time and he could read books or sing or play quietly, but I needed my rest. It was amazing! I actually fell asleep for an hour and felt better in the afternoons. I could play happily. Before Erin suggested that, I would get cranky in the afternoon and it was hard to manage.

One thing about hydration is that one gets very cold. Erin would bring me hot blankets, but I had trouble getting warm. One day we were talking and Erin mentioned electric blankets. I went home and ordered one to take to the infusion center. That blanket keeps me warm and cozy and all the nurses think it is a great idea! They compliment me, when it was really Erin's idea. Just one more little thing that anyone could think of, but it is Erin who did so. At this point in my treatment, I am a happy, more energetic woman. I enjoy getting my treatment and talking with Erin. She remains interested in my everyday life and I feel she helps me with challenges big and small.

She goes beyond her basic nursing duties and is a shining example of true caring. I am so lucky to know Erin Odom.


I have Combined Variable Immune Deficiency and receive IVIG treatment every 2 weeks.


Erin was my nurse in April and did a wonderful job for me as she always does. It is always a delight to see that she will be my nurse because, in addition to being personable, she is wonderfully competent!

Some nurses have had trouble getting the IV started. Erin never has had any difficulty. She never blows my vein, always efficiently takes care of all my needs, correctly programs the machine, and checks it is a timely manner so that I'm not delayed in finishing.

I appreciate her kind help so much! A big thank you to Erin.


Throughout my wife's multiday infusion process, Erin was always prepared, caring, and the consummate professional.

When we arrived, she made us feel like family,that she really liked. Her explanations of what was happening were never rushed, and easy to understand. If she had to leave the area, she consistently let us know she would be gone, who to contact in her place, and checked in when she returned. Some days she had other patients as well but she always made us feel like my wife was her top priority.

Because of her amazing attitude, it made a challenging and somewhat unpleasant experience much easier to endure.