Erika Deane

Erika Deane

Erika Deane, RN

Torrance Memorial Medical Center (JPB)
Torrance, California
United States

... Not only does Erika Deane continue to provide unparalleled care to my daughter and the other babies in the NICU she also goes above and beyond to support me as a new mother. I have proven to be an incredibly demanding mother and this nurse gracefully exceeds my expectations. Normally night nurses bathe the babies. I asked Erika and she gladly took time out of her day to bathe my daughter with me during the day. The next day she noticed my daughter was not looking as lively and pointed out her observations to the doctor. It turned out my daughter did have an infection. Because this nurse took the time to get to know my daughter, her infection was caught early. She also called me when the diagnosis was made. Understanding my need for information she continues to call me when things change with my daughter. Doctors in the NICU use a lot of clinical language when they are explaining what is happening to your child and this nurse has a way to explain each situation to me in a way that not only do I understand, but I also feel good about what is happening. All the routine changes have also been difficult for me and I don't think I would have made it through without Erika, who reassures me in a way that I can confidently say no one else can do. She is truly extraordinary.


On Wednesday, I was told my baby needed surgery. I was a wreck. I knew the following day that Erika would be there and I focused on that. The day before, Erika and I planned to bathe my baby so that is what I was looking forward to doing. When I got there, the nurse said she had to leave early. She took one look at my face and said she would stay. She signed out and came back in to bathe my daughter. We laughed and she reassured me about the surgery. Even after she got a call from her family she still stayed until she knew I would be okay. I can get through 4 days a week of "ups and downs" in the NICU if I get 3 great days with this nurse. On a bad day, even my family will say "When is Erika there again?"