Emma Knoke
January 2020
Medical Surgical
Trusted Health
San Francisco
United States




Emma has kept my spirits up and kept my wishes in mind when I am not able to speak. I have PTSD, so feeling safe is hard. Emma made sure I was aware of sounds that are around me and made sure that she stayed with me when I was having a PTSD attack. She also made me laugh which is how I deal with pain. She is aware of how I feel and when a doctor came in, she wanted to be in the room so if I did not understand she could translate for me. Emma is an amazing nurse who makes you feel not alone. Her compassion is definitely to be a nurse.

Without Emma, I would not have been able to be left and my fiancé would have to have missed work. She is an amazing nurse. She was fighting for me and telling me it was okay to speak. With Emma, for once, I was not trapped in my PTSD nightmare. She really is a miracle to the staff.