Emily Lloyd
November 2020
Emily R.
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital




After 5 days Emily was the first to get a smile from him.

My son was born 3 months early. We were told to prepare for the worst and get ready for a long road of health issues to overcome. He had a brief stay in the PICU. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He was discharged a few days later and we never looked back. Fast forward 6 months, he had a tongue reduction surgery and landed back in the PICU. We were greeted by a friendly familiar face Nurse Emily.
She knew exactly who he was and remembered his health history. My wife is a very high-strung mother who was searching for immediate answers. Emily listened, showed compassion, and gave my wife thoughtful answers that brought her mind to ease.

He was having a hard time coming off the pain medication after his surgery. On numerous occasions, after Emily medically treated him with medicine bandages IVs etc., she would emotionally treat him. She did this by spending time holding his hand, speaking gently to him, and doing everything in her power to keep a 10-month-old calm.

After 5 days Emily was the first to get a smile from him. I became so emotional just knowing that at the worst time in my son's life he was still able to feel love and happiness from someone he only knew for a few days.

On one occasion, he was vomiting, having difficulty breathing, and had several other issues occurring simultaneously. Emily was cool, calm, and collective. She was able to treat him, calm him down, and relay information to the responding medical team as they entered the room to assist her, as well as glance over to me and give me a look to let me know everything is going to be ok.

Mass General has an amazing overall staff. The medical staff handling his care in the PICU are the best staff that I have ever come across. For Emily to stand out and to turn a bad event into a good memory truly shows the kind of nurse she is, and this will have a life-lasting effect on my son and my family. For her, I am forever grateful.