Elton Joe
August 2015
Med Surg
Baptist Health Little Rock
Little Rock
United States




I was having a terrible night. My pain meds were not even easing my pain. Elton was my advocate. Trying to get something that would stop the pain. He could not locate the Dr. but he kept coming in and staying with me and talking to me to try and help me through a terrible night. It was as if he could feel my pain. He could tell that I was miserable, so every chance he got he would keep me company. To me it seemed he really personally cared. He kept talking about things that interest me and helped me keep my mind off the pain. You can't get that from a pill. He did everything he could to make me comfortable.. To me that is what makes a nurse. Doctors know the body, nurses know people. All the staff that cared for me were excellent and caring, but to me he went the extra mile so that I wouldn't feel alone during one of the worst times of my life. My grateful thanks to all of them and especially Elton.