Elizabeth Busclas

Elizabeth Busclas

Elizabeth Busclas, RN

Baptist Health Paducah
Paducah, Kentucky
United States

One of our Chaplains responded to a Rapid Response Team call on the 4th floor, and submitted the following nomination:

The patient had pulmonary issues, and his condition had declined. The patient’s wife was standing in the hallway, and the Physician had delivered some upsetting news to her.  Elizabeth Busclas stood next to the patient’s wife and comforted her while she wept for an extended time. Elizabeth retrieved wet washcloths and Kleenex for the patient’s wife.  She also continued to offer words of encouragement and support.  To me, Elizabeth demonstrated our faith-based values of respect, compassion, and excellence towards the patient and his wife.

Elizabeth was very professional, yet compassionate.  She also demonstrated the love of Christ, through her loving care to the patient and wife. The patient’s wife mentioned how special Elizabeth was to her husband.