Dorothy Mahoney
August 2018
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Dorothy Mahoney is our first senior staff nurse. She has developed our ongoing education program, including over-hauling our orientation program from the ground up. She has done all this while maintaining a caseload of clients, continuing to act as an admission nurse and integrating herself into the leadership team. She is seen as an educator and mentor by her collogues and is widely respected.

In addition, Dorothy is a compassionate caregiver and can keep calm in a crisis. On a recent weekend, while finishing an admission to home care, she responded to a crisis unfolding in the client’s garage where a family member had just hung himself in a suicide attempt. Dorothy remained calm, called 911 and performed CPR until help arrived. The gentleman revived and survived. Dorothy has established herself as an essential part of the team and we learn every day from her.