Dorothy Bruce

Dorothy Bruce

Dorothy Bruce, RN

Renal Accute Care Unit
St. Anthony's Hospital (FL)
St Petersburg, Florida
United States

... a patient’s wife called, she was concerned about her husband's nephrostomy tube. He was discharged to a hospice center from a medical surgical unit at SAH. The hospice nurses did not know how to take care of the nephrostomy tube and the wife was very concerned. I asked Dorothy Bruce to please call and follow up with the facility and the wife, since she is an excellent renal nurse with lots of experience.

Dorothy called the patient's physician to get the details of the nephrostomy tube. She called and spoke to the patient’s wife and the nurses regarding their concerns. After the discussion, she went to the facility to make sure the nephrostomy tube was appropriately cared for and took them supplies to get them by until they had the correct bags for the drainage. The patient’s family and nurses at the facility were very appreciative that one of our very own SAH nurses took the time to go to the facility and make sure we continued to provide excellent care!

Dorothy is amazing in many ways and this is one of those ways. Being a SAH nurse does not stop when we walk out the door and Dorothy is a true example of this!