Dolly Alves-Gutierrez
December 2015
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys
United States




Dolly comes into work every night with a warm friendly smile and a sparkle in her eyes.  She never hesitates to lend a helping hand.  She is an extraordinary nurse that always goes beyond the call of duty to connect with each infant’s family members through education and with new nurses through her mentoring.

Dolly encourages others to excel.  She provides compassionate care to our smallest of patients.   She is an unsung hero in the NICU. With me, she patiently went through all of the steps of computer charting, when I did not know how to make the changes, she offered words of encouragement; ‘you can do it’ she would tell me without judgment or condescension.

Life in the NICU is much fuller and more wonderful when Dolly is around.


It is difficult to imagine how it feels to be the parent of a newborn in the NICU, low birth weight, need for life support, the fear of losing a precious life.  It is also challenging to be a new nurse resident in this critical care environment. Dolly notices the needs of both and responds with compassion. 


Dolly is often acknowledged by the parents of these vulnerable infants, for her advocacy and outstanding care.  Among her peer group, Dolly is recognized as team player who is quick to lend a hand, assist with a new admission and freely share her knowledge with others.  Dolly also promotes community and fellowship in the workplace.  She enjoys bringing people together and treats her co-workers like an extension of her own family.  She organizes retirement parties, bridal showers and other celebrations for the staff.

Dolly is a role model and a cherished colleague.