Dianne Johnson
September 2020
Infusion Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
United States




Dianne is currently working in the Cancer Center on the Infusion Unit but has had many years of experience as an Emergency Room nurse. When we were initially faced with the threat of the Coronavirus, Dianne stepped up to be the nurse on the front line.

She volunteered to screen our patients and their visitors prior to even stepping foot into our waiting room. She set up her own screening station measuring out 6ft and establishing the boundary line between herself and the patients. Her incredible assessment skills and expertise in triaging has protected our staff and patients from exposure to COVID-19.

Dianne has such a gentle way about her. I have had numerous patients comment on how safe they felt after speaking with her prior to checking in. She has had to turn visitors away due to their own viral respiratory symptoms which you would think might cause a person to become angry or agitated but I actually witnessed a visitor happily dropping off their loved one and then leaving the unit thanking Dianne for keeping their loved one safe.

We were the first unit in the Cancer Center that established a screening area for the Coronavirus led by nurses. Dianne chose to give up taking care of her primary patients every day, which I'm sure was not easy for her to do, for the safety of our unit. She truly loves and cares for all her patients.

I had a patient who answered yes to the screening questions that required he be in isolation with contact and droplet precautions in place. Dianne recognized this risk and very calmly and professionally placed a mask on the patient and escorted him to a private room with the appropriate precautions. We are beyond thankful that she has kept us all safe.