Diane Bullock

Diane Bullock

Diane Bullock, BSN, RN, OCN

UNC REX Radiation Oncology
UNC REX Healthcare
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
Diane keeps a very careful logbook of everything she needs to follow up on, and in all the years I have worked with her, has not let a single patient care item slip through the cracks.

Diane Bullock, RN, is the Team Lead Nurse in UNC REX radiation oncology and has been my nurse for the past 6+ years.   She has extensive nursing experience, over 35 years.  She has a luminous personality, with meticulous attention to detail.  Many patients of mine have decided to have their radiation treatments at Rex, even though they live closer to another radiation facility or have sought second opinions elsewhere, primarily because they want Diane to be their nurse.

She keeps a very careful logbook of everything she needs to follow up on, and in all the years I have worked with her, has not let a single patient care item slip through the cracks.

Every patient she comes in contact with just adores her, because of the warmth, caring, and attentive listening she consistently exhibits.

Yet she is also unsurpassed in all of her nursing technical skills as well.   She is extremely skilled at explaining as well as assisting in all of the procedures and side effects of all the various forms of radiotherapy, whether that be external beam or brachytherapy.   She is highly knowledgeable and is able to help navigate patients through very difficult decision-making processes, regardless of whether treatment is with curative or palliative intent.   She consistently is able to set an anxious patient at ease, by patiently and compassionately answering all of their questions and concerns.

She makes each patient feel that they are special like they are the only patient in the clinic that day. She never gives the appearance of being rushed, no matter how busy she really is. She spends a very generous amount of time with each patient, and yet at the same time is able to, somewhat miraculously, keep the clinic on schedule. She is extremely thorough in all of her explanations, making my job so much easier.  And she is able to efficiently multitask, rarely ever showing any signs of stress, but rather always having a word of encouragement for patients and staff alike, while ever radiating a bright smile.

Her role as the lead nurse has also resulted in substantial improvements in the operational efficiency of the clinic, with resultant gains in patient satisfaction.

She has the perfect combination of talent, caring, compassion and skill, coupled with a very warm and energetic personality.   She truly makes my stressful job enjoyable, making me look forward to coming to work every day.  In a high-tech specialty like radiation oncology, Diane is a constant example of the inestimable value of human kindness.

She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty with an exemplary, cheerful attitude, never grumbling or complaining. “That’s not my job” is not in her vocabulary.  No task is too menial nor lofty for her.  Her work ethic is an outstanding example for her fellow nurses and physicians alike.  In my 22 years of radiation oncology practice, I cannot think of another nurse (and I have had many excellent nurses) who is more deserving of recognition.

Finally, whenever the monthly anonymous patient satisfaction scores and comments come in,  Diane is consistently singled out with glowing praise, such as this comment from a recent patient:  “Di was the best.  She scored high marks in friendliness, concern, and explanation.”   That basically sums her up nicely.