Diana Ramos
January 2018
Mc Allen Veteran's Outpatient Clinic
VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System
United States




Mrs. Diana Ramos has dedicated 27 years of her life to caring for us Veterans. Her empathy is very profound and brings forward her love and care. She tells us to calm down and relays the message, "We are here to help you". These words inspire hope in us Veterans. When a Veteran suffers from mental health issues and sometimes becomes frustrated or difficult to deal with, her sincere concern and expertise become a spiritual shield, she remains professional and tries to find a way to help.
It is like being in a deep hole and not being able to get out. Mrs. Diana Ramos throws a ladder down in the hole and goes down to assist you in climbing out. And if you fall again, she will go down to help you climb back up towards the light.
There were times when I would walk into the clinic very anxious. I would become impatient and try to walk out, but Mrs. Ramos would go after me and would tell me, "Mr. M, please do not leave, you are next to see the doctor, please comply". I have known Mrs. Ramos for over 27 years and there isn't a day I can remember that she was not smiling and encouraging us.
She would always encourage me and other Veterans to take our medication and take care of our health. She would tell us, "if you have any questions call me, and I will relay your message to your doctor". Thank you, Diana, for your years of dedication in the medical field and service to us Veterans.