Diana Berry

Diana Berry

Diana Berry, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
His mom said he would never talk to anyone and that Diana took the time to talk to him meant so much to them as a family.

Diana cares so much for her patients and families that she is always going the extra mile to make sure they are comfortable and that their needs have been met above all else. I have watched her clinical skills blossom and her critical thinking in action over the past year.

I knew my niece was in good hands, as I worked in the PICU. We have a talented and compassionate group of nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists in our unit. My brother and sister-in-law loved Diana and she always made them feel comfortable, informed, and she was compassionate about the care she provided. Diana always took the time to make sure I knew what was happening and if I had any questions, she answered them.

Diana made her relationship with the parents personal. One day she brought a pink camo fleece blanket that she made because she remembered Mom wearing a pink camo sweatshirt and both parents talking about taking their daughter hunting when she was older. While I was talking to Diana on the phone one day, I mentioned it was Mom’s birthday and that she hasn’t had the chance to hold her daughter since her surgery. I later found out from Mom that with physician approval this nurse arranged for the parents to help her give their baby a bath and then for Mom to hold her for a little bit. Mom said that it was the best birthday present ever!

I’ll never forget the day our family received the worst news since the baby had been born - she had a massive brain hemorrhage. Our family was all called to the bedside to be with her and her parents as they had been in the hospital alone for the past two weeks.  However, I shouldn’t say alone, because they made new family. The nurses in the PICU became their family while we were not able to be with them. Diana was the one that the parents felt closest to, and she was their nurse the day their baby had the brain hemorrhage. Diana was comforting, compassionate, informative, and most of all dedicated to her calling as a nurse. She made that day for them the best she could. She placed the baby in Mom’s arms to be held. She was amazing, just as she was in the weeks before.

I have not only witnessed Diana in action with my own family, but I have seen her in action with others as well. There is a patient that has been on our unit for several months and Diana has bonded with him. She took time out of a crazy, hectic day and sat down and spent time with him. He opened up and started talking. His mom said he would never talk to anyone and that Diana took the time to talk to him meant so much to them as a family.

Diana has stayed after she has clocked out to spend time with patients, and she has been there for me during this time of uncertainty and loss of my precious niece.  Most of all she is always professional and dedicated to her patients, their families, and her co-workers. As you can see, Diana Berry is a DAISY Nurse.