Destiny LeDay
October 2019
10WT – Neurology
Texas Children's Hospital
United States




Destiny has been an incredible nurse. We've been here at Texas Children's now for 7 weeks. Low sodium, high sodium, and unexpected debulking of 25% brain tumor. My son developed Diabetes Insipidus. So trying to find the right dosage of medication for him has been tough. Destiny was so caring when answering my questions. She was always here right away when I needed it the most.
Since being here over many weeks, the Endocrinology teams change a lot. After being upset with one doctor, after we couldn't agree, calculations kept changing and I was so confused. Destiny helped me to understand all of the medical terminologies to where I could understand and clarified my confusion with the medical team. Then I was thrown for a loop when Endocrinology said we would have to give shots (when needed) at home for Adrenal Insufficiency. I have never done this before but Destiny stepped in right away to get the practice kit and brought it in. She sat down and explained it all to me. She even had me practice a few times so that I would be comfortable doing this at home. She made me feel so much better.
She is such a great nurse, very comforting, and sweet. We love her so much and we cannot say enough good things about her. I forgot to also mention that in the middle of the DI issues, my son had an MRI under anesthesia. Both my husband and I were very concerned. However, Destiny was on top of it, sending meds down with us and as soon as he was in recovery, they were able to verify the diaper amount via phone. With her guidance, he was able to receive his medication - thank goodness! Please let Destiny know that she is an amazing nurse.