Denise Fuhrman

Denise Fuhrman

Denise Fuhrman, RN

Surgical Services
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Shakopee, Minnesota
United States
I believe this experience was made better because Denise treated her like she was her own child.

Denise was my daughter's nurse. She gave up her charge role in order to provide exceptional care to my daughter and me. Denise got a wagon for my daughter to keep her busy and occupied so she wouldn't be scared, and to distract her from wanting to eat or drink since she was only 13 months old. Let me tell you, my daughter had a blast! She was wheeled around the department until she was taken into the OR. Denise made a balloon caricature out of a glove as well as giving my daughter a stuffed animal. She didn't cry or ask for her bottle, not once. I believe it is all because Denise went above and beyond for my little girl. 

My daughter would reach out for Denise when we rounded the corner in the wagon. Even if Denise was busy, she would stop what she was doing and lift her up and she would have the biggest smile. When she was taken to the OR, I struggled a bit watching her go. Denise gave me the biggest hug and reminded me that this was the best thing for her and that she was in great hands. 

When she got to PACU I could hear her screaming. It was the worst sound to hear, especially since I had never heard her scream like that. She is a happy baby and very rarely cries. Denise again stopped what she was doing and went to PACU. She held my daughter and comforted her. Denise said she wanted to make sure she saw a familiar face. Even though she didn’t stop crying, she wasn’t screaming, and I do believe it’s because Denise was holding her. It let me relax a bit since I couldn’t hear that terrible scream. Denise then brought her to me and made sure we had everything we needed. I believe this experience was made better because Denise treated her like she was her own child. She went above and beyond every chance she had. She was living our mission, vision, and values here at St. Francis.


Note: This is Denise's 2nd DAISY Award!