Denise Alvey

Denise Alvey, RN

Saint Joseph East - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Denise Alvey always demonstrates teamwork and gets things done in a timely manner, very pleasant and accommodating. I love working with Denise. It makes my day go so much smoother. She is truly a GREAT nurse.
Denise had a patient one day that was very frightened to have his cath. After going over his history with the gentleman, she realized that he was not only scared, but had some mental and emotional problems. She contacted the proper people and made them aware of the situation. I know this is standard, but she also spoke with the family and let them know that he could get help for his fears and emotional problems. He was taken for evaluation after the heart cath, and I feel she saved his life because she noticed that he was "out of sorts" and needed emotional help to the point he may hurt himself.
This is a true gift when a nurse is aware that a patient isn't just scared, but truly needs help. I feel she was very quick to notice that this gentleman needed outside help. She is a wonderful "critical thinking" Nurse!