Darlene Esdinsky

Darlene Esdinsky

Darlene Esdinsky, RN

Guest Relations/Patient Care Services
Mercy Hospital of Buffalo
Buffalo, New York
United States
Emotional support is also important for the healing process, which Darlene gives every day.

I have been a nurse for many years. I have experience in many areas of nursing throughout my work history. I have come across thousands of co-workers but I will say I have never met and worked with someone like Darlene Esdinsky. Darlene is with Patient Care Services, a Data Specialist. She works behind the scenes. Not many people know who she is, and what she does or where her tucked away office resides. She does exist, working hard every day. From callbacks to discharged patients, helping with medication questions, diet questions, dressing care concerns to helping solve patient’s complaints. Defusing them or sending them to the next level. She does data collection for constant evaluations. This list goes on and on. Many of these responsibilities even I don’t understand. She is funny, I laugh every day! She has taught me many things since joining Mercy Hospital. She is patient and kind when she talks to discharged patients when she makes follow up calls. I have never seen her upset or angry with them. She is religious, which makes me a better person. I truly enjoy coming to work and working beside her. She goes above and beyond.

Last week, she made a call to a patient. Not just any patient. This is someone who she spoke with months ago. At that time the patient told her he lived far away from his family and had no one to help him. In this long discussion, Darlene encouraged him to be with his family. Maybe moving closer to them or staying with them for a while. Last week she called him again, just because. She has made several calls to him over time just to check on him and see how he is. He never forgets her name. He was so happy to hear from her, he had been hoping she would call. He wanted to tell her he had moved with his family and was happy. This is to me, someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. She continues to call him just to check up on him and he loves it.  She loves her job and has the ability to let things roll.

I believe, just because there is no physical touch to heal doing her job, emotional support is also important for the healing process, which she gives every day. For these reasons and many unmentioned, is the reason I want to recognize Darlene. She is compassionate, patient and caring.  Although she is not doing hands-on nursing, she is there for these patients, giving direction and guidance every day.