May 2019
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Being a RR volunteer in many different arenas, and for many years, I witness the compassionate and amazing nurses who touch our patients daily. Every so often one nurse touches deep in the recesses of my entire being, touching me like no other. This was my recent experience with Danielle Everson. A few weeks ago, I was on my Palliative Care shift when I was honored to meet her and experience the most compassionate and loving care to the patient that I was visiting. Her kindness and gentle touch to the patient who would not be living much longer truly gave me insight into what kind of nurse she is. I have never seen a nurse spend the time and care to remove all of the surgical "glue," and matting in what was left of her hair, from her brain surgery. She was meticulous with each tiny strand of hair, freeing it from its mangled mess to smooth it and making her presentable and clean and cared for with the most amazing love I have ever experienced. All the while, she was apologizing to her, hoping it was not hurting her, just like a mother to a child, the care, the love, the compassion, the act was so amazing to me. I sat there in awe. She then covered her head with a soft covering and when I saw the patient the next day, she looked as beautiful and well taken care of as she was the day before. All this being done just a few days before she took her last breath. I have thought about this "act," ever since, and am so thankful this patient was treated with such love and compassion in her final days and hours. I was able to share this act of kindness with a few of the family members and I know, they too, were grateful.
Danielle is a gift - a nurse will always seek out to say hello and give her a hug when I am on 6ICU! She is truly a DAISY Nurse for the kindness and joy she gives to each and every patient she touches. I hope I can be as compassionate and loving in my volunteer work as she is in her Nursing.