Danielle Basile

Danielle Basile

Danielle Basile, LPN

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital
Dunedin, Florida
United States

The Med/Surg unit at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital nominated Dani Basile because, "Dani is a very special nurse committed and dedicated not only to her patients and family members, but also to the staff. Her professionalism, calm, caring and positive demeanor makes her a very unique nurse."

Dani is committed to her patients and will go the extra mile for them. She consistently collaborates with the health care team to meet the patient's and family's goals. No matter how busy she may be, she always performs her job with a smile on her face."

The following is one of the many examples of Dani's exceptional commitment to patient-centered care:

A patient was admitted to our unit with abdominal pain and an inability to void. A urinary catheter had been inserted in the Emergency Department (ED). The patient was in much discomfort and the pain medication wasn't helping. Dani noticed that the patient was not passing any urine - the amount in the catheter bag had not changed - and his bladder was distended. She notified the physician requesting a larger catheter and irrigation because he had been passing blood clots in the ED. With the changed catheter and irrigation, the patient expressed immediate relief. She continued with giving the patient a bath to make sure that he was clean and comfortable. Dani reassured the patient that he was going to be okay, that he was in good hands, and she was going to continuously round to make sure that his needs were being met. She then explained to the patient the details of what had happened and why the irrigation had been started. The patient was very pleased and thankful for her compassionate care, excellent clinical skills and open communication. He also expressed gratitude for the fact that Dani made him feel as though he was the only patient on the unit.