Courtney Duncan

Courtney Duncan, RN

St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

...I have witnessed Courtney provide the most compassionate care to families in need of transition with the passing of their child. This past weekend I experienced firsthand how truly amazing she is.

We shared primary/associate on a beautiful baby girl. She was just one of those special kids that grasps your heart in one glance. Unfortunately, this beautiful baby was incredibly ill. Courtney dedicated herself to this family, just like I have seen her do with many other families, in the most sincere and heartfelt ways. When the time came and the baby was placed on hospice, Courtney wanted to make sure this family created memories that would never be forgotten. She came into work with a basket filled with such kind, comforting, and compassionate things. Books for the mom and dad to read to their daughter. A canvas that she had the parents and the baby, in the colors of the baby's nursery at home, place their handprints on, and had their names written in a beautiful script under each print with the family's last name on the top. Ribbon to make hair bows. Christmas ornaments that had her footprints and handprints on them. She took so many pictures and recorded video for this family at their request so they could have these memories cherished forever.

The day after she did all these amazing things for this family, that sweet baby girl passed away. Courtney came in at 2:30 in the morning, on her night shift off, to help provided support and give her assistance in any way possible to the staff and family. Courtney said all the right things. Gave the best support. She helped guide this family through the hardest time in their life. They lost something so precious and when it became too hard for them at one point the mom looked to Courtney to take the baby. Which she did. She held that baby girl with such gentleness and ease. It was raw and emotional for all of us. To be so overcome with grief and the person these parents sought out at that moment was their nurse. I feel like that says a lot. She was not only a nurse at that moment but a friend, a support person, a loved one.

Courtney stayed until the mom and dad left in the mid-morning when the funeral director arrived to take the baby. She walked them out the door giving them hugs and continued verbal support. We then gave each other hugs and cried. What a tragic night. But in all of this I was blessed to see how amazing of a nurse and human being Courtney Duncan is. Because this is not the first time she has done this for a family and I am sure it will not be the last. She is dedicated to this NICU, gives 110%, and I am lucky to work next to a nurse like this.

With all that being said, I nominate Courtney Duncan for the DAISY Award. She is deserving of this not only because of her actions as a nurse but because of who she is as a person. She does not do these things to be recognized. It is a quiet thoughtfulness.