Cortney Asberry

Cortney Asberry, RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC

AWH Surgical Services
Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Please accept my nomination for a nurse that I consider to be a great Daisy Nurse!
She received her Bachelors in Nursing in 1996 and then went on to proceed to get her
dual Masters in Nursing/ Masters in Business Administration. I have worked with this
nurse since 2008 and she has exemplified the Nursing Profession without flaw since I
have met her.
At the current time, she is the Clinical Manager of Surgical Services. There is an
immeasurable depth of admiration and high degree of trustworthiness for her
throughout the hospital. Her fellow management team, the nursing staff, the medical
staff and the leadership team of the hospital all have an enthusiastic liking for
her. They admire her compassionate work ethic, her fair-minded leadership skills as
well as her very affable personality.
Countless times, staff have called her office and asked for help. Rather than
calling the charge nurse or delegating the responsibility, she has changed out of
her business suit, put on scrubs and come to the rescue! She expects the best of her
nursing staff and pushes them to excel in their work; however, she also knows that
she must do likewise when called upon. She is a good role model.
The turnover rate in her 5 nursing units is next to nothing. Her retention rate is
amazing. Her management skills are remarkable. Her staff have such an affection for
her and would climb any mountain for her if asked. If you measure the worthiness of
a good leader on how your staff support you, the findings would be beyond measure.
She is also a very compassionate policy maker, establishing policies with a great
aptitude for all that is needed in delivering the best possible care to the patient.
Her policies protect the patient but also provide the nurse with good
research-oriented information so that both the care receiver and care giver are in
good hands.
In addition to being a great nurse, she also volunteers with the Texas AIDS
Ride. She provides medical care to those who are riding their bicycles to
raise money for AIDS related service providers in DFW. This is an annual
event that requires a formidable time commitment; however, her commitment to
this event is near and dear. She has also completed the Avon Breast Cancer
Three day Walk as well as a yearly participant in the American Heart
Association Walk.
I am thrilled work with this nurse who efforts are tireless and whose passion for
nursing is immeasurable. I wholeheartedly recommend her as Daisy Nurse.