July 2017
UPMC Presbyterian
United States




Cora is the kind of nurse that goes above and beyond for her patients on a daily basis.  She always has their best interests at heart. She was telling me of an 11-year-old girl whom she was treating in HBO with BID treatments.  The little girl comes over from CHP and was in a horrible car accident.  She lost a family member in the crash and has bilateral open Tib/Fib fractures with Wound Vacs.  She was here on the weekends doing her treatments and said they have been watching Scooby Doo all weekend long.  Cora said that the little girl told her that her favorite gum is Hubba Bubba.  Cora said she had planned to stop on her way in but forgot.  She went down into Oakland and said she went to 4 different stores until she found it!  Such a small thing can make such a huge impact.