Colton Jones

Colton Jones

Colton Jones, ASN, RN

Surgical ICU
UF Health - Shands
Gainesville, Florida
United States
Colton proves the vocation of nursing care is a duty and skill of the heart.

I would like to recognize Colton’s courage, grit, and dedication to the values of nursing he demonstrated in a recent trauma.

Recently, on his way to work his ICU night shift, Colton witnessed a semi vs. Jeep accident on I-75.  The Jeep had rolled. Rather than delegating responsibility for the passenger’s safety to the then absent emergency responders, Colton selflessly risked his safety and explored the scene. He discovered the driver was unconscious and turned off the vehicle. He then extracted the driver’s two young children from the Jeep and waited with them until EMS arrived. Colton then came to work and cared for his critically ill patients, but did not return home before checking on the unconscious driver and the children he had rescued. As this was a trauma, the patients were taken to our very own Shands hospital.   Colton’s humility about this event has been striking, as this happened a month ago and the family had to launch a mass search over social media to identify and locate him in order to thank him.  The family requested a reunion with Colton that was hosted by a local television news channel.

The Shands Nursing Mission is to provide experienced expert care for our patients, families, and community.  By utilizing his professional nursing skills to assess the scene of the accident and triage what victims could be safely moved, Colton provided experienced and expert care. By ensuring the children were safe, he provided comfort and peace to a mother, father, and family. Colton’s move to immediate heroic action proves his dedication to the community. He proves the vocation of nursing care is a duty and skill of the heart.  His compassion and care deserve recognition. I am proud to work with Colton, and humbled by his example of exemplary nursing care.