Chris Timbol
May 2020
Emergency Department
Capital Health Regional Medical Center
United States




A former policeman, this servant of the public, has dedicated his career to serving others in the most respectful and compassionate manner. Unfortunately, my 29-year-old son suffers from a chronic headache every day. We make bi-monthly trips to the ER to alleviate the excruciating pain and nausea that he suffers with daily until it is so unbearable he needs IV medications. Because of the frequent trips, he is often snubbed by nurses and doctors who believe he is addicted to pain meds and seeking them by coming there.

We have sought help from the most celebrated doctors in the field of neurology with no answers and many times lectures about how he should not take these meds, yet no alternatives are ever given.

Yesterday, we once again had to bring him to Capital Health. Chris was efficient even as Chris trained a new nurse. Chris's primary focus was alleviating the searing pain and discomfort that my son experiences all the time. He did not hesitate to begin prepping him for whatever medicine the PA ordered and checked regularly on the orders to be filled.

With Chris's soft-spoken manner and soothing presence, Chris repeatedly inquired if my son or I needed anything. Chris was conscious of the noise and bright lights that often exacerbate a person's headache and worked to make sure the medicine was injected in the manner or order we know works for him. We have had many stressful experiences with other nurses and doctors who claim to "know best" and often ignore our first-hand knowledge of the situation.

As we prepared to leave, Chris assured us that no matter when or how often we returned, if he was our nurse, he would treat us in exactly the same respectful, kind manner that we experienced last night. As I am an educator of 20 years, I wanted to say that Chris should be chosen to deliver professional development to the staff. Chris was never abrupt, slow to administer meds, nor did he roll his eyes or speak down to us.

No one can truly understand the 10-year nightmare my poor son and our family has endured. And with no explanation or answers as to when this horrible existence might end, it is with my sincerest plea the nurses like Chris are there to take care of my son when he is screaming and writhing in this horrible painful existence.

Please consider this testimonial for one of the best caretakers we have met at your institution.