Christopher Cox

Christopher Cox

Christopher Cox, RN

CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital - Shoreline
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

An Angel from heaven:

Some superheroes come like the Angel Gabriel. This young man came to work to find out that my husband had turned to the worst. Without any hesitation, like a superhero, he came knowing what to do. Chris is an awesome nurse. I was at my worst thinking the worst. He came in with a positive attitude and explaining the situation, he was going to do his best to lower my husband's fever. He would explain to me everything he would do. He attended to my husband constantly. He was able to bring down the temperature, oxygen and his heart rate. I just had to praise my God first and gave Chris a hug and called him my angel from God.

Chris even took the time to care for me and told me to rest, if anything happened he would wake me up. Somehow I felt that I could trust him! Boy did I sleep and woke to much better results! Now my husband opens his eyes and talks a little better and his left side has more movability. Please recognize this young man for his awesome job. I can see that this young man has a very promising future. Chris, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your superior care at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital!