Christina Lane
January 2020
Vascular Surgical Acute Care
Tampa General Hospital
United States




Christina is the best nurse I've ever had. I've been chronically ill for 12 years, starting when I was 10 and now, I'm 22. I've had a lot of nurses. I have been diagnosed with cancer, Crohn's disease, DVT's, multiple kidney stones and PE. I have been treated all over the world, yet never met a nurse as passionate and dedicated as Christina. From the moment she started her shift, she made me feel heard, supported, important and understood.
This visit specifically, I had big issues with my doctors communicating that caused me to have a bit of a panic attack/mental breakdown earlier in my stay. After that, I got moved to a different floor and the next morning, I got Christina. Beginning her shift, after letting me sleep, she sat down in my room and asked me what she could do to advocate for me. I almost broke down crying while telling her I've never had a nurse sit down with me like that and ask me how we could work together to have a good day. She went above and beyond for me.
I have a note in my chart from psychology that briefs everyone about my home life not being safe or supportive. She made a point to put a note on the door for my doctors to come to get her before entering. She even sat in the room with me for all my rounds, making sure the doctors heard my questions, concerns and explained everything to me in a way I understood. If I needed something, whether it was to speak with a doctor or new symptoms or anything, she came immediately with a plan of action or a solution. She didn't let the doctors overlook me!
Christina made me feel like, for the first time, I was part of my team to make decisions about my body. She also helped make sure everything is in place for a care meeting I'm having tomorrow. She helped me come up with a list of things I needed. She demonstrated strength, leadership, kindness, integrity, advocacy, respect, accountability, competency, and above all compassion, and a true love for what she does. She made me feel like family for demonstrating all these qualities and more.
Christina fought for me when I didn't have family to fight for me. She cared for me beyond just showing up for her job. This experience is one that I will remember for the rest of my life.