Chiu-Hsiang Chuang

Chiu-Hsiang Chuang, RN

Med Tele
Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center
Walnut Creek, California
United States

...I feel very secure under Chiu's care. I've noticed that she is very detailed and double checks everything. For example, she was told by the departing nurse during the shift change that my next chemo was due at 5:30. Chiu knew the wait time between the two chemo treatments I was receiving and double checked to make sure enough time would have elapsed. In another case she made another nurse aware that the bandage that was applied after my bone marrow biopsy should not be removed for 24 hours and that it could then be removed permanently.

Chiu is very perceptive. On one occasion she saw me in the hallway and detected a slight sweat on my brow. She wondered if I was running a fever and then after talking with me she realized I had a small sweat only because I had just finished a brisk walk around the building. On another occasion she noticed skin cracking on my hands and she brought me dimethicone skin protectant which my oncologist later concurred was the proper skin cream that I should be using.

Chiu impresses me as a nurse who thinks a lot like the doctors. She seems to make collective observations about a patient's health and processes what she knows to size up her patients situation. As is the case with most all of your nurses, Chiu shows great compassion for her patients.