Charis Blassingame

Charis Blassingame, RN

JPS Health Network
Fort Worth, Texas
United States
Charis flew into action to ensure this soldier had the proper send off.

Charis Blassingame is the classic example of being a role model to staff. She is warm, friendly, and compassionate with everyone she meets. She is always the first nurse to welcome new staff members to the unit. She makes staff feel at ease with her warm embrace and her soft country twang.

Charis’s strong faith helps her to bring peace with her patients and their families during their final hours. She was caring for a solider that had come back from tour and was in a terrible motor vehicle collision. He had a devastating head injury with bleeding in his brain. He proceeded to brain death, but his family wanted him to save lives and become an organ donor. Charis flew into action to ensure this soldier had the proper send off. One that every soldier should have to honor them and their service. With the family’s permission, she called the local army base and reserve base to inform the troops of what had happened and what she wanted to do for him. Within hours, she had over 30 soldiers in the ICU to see him off as he went to the OR to donate himself and save lives. What happened next was remarkable. The soldiers came to the patient’s bedside and draped an American Flag over his bed before he left the room. They then lined the hallways of the ICU, with tears running down their face, saluting him as he made his journey. Once they got to the OR, 2 soldiers folded the flag and presented it to his family. They were moved to tears, not only for what had happened to their loved one but also because of Charis’s dedication and support to them. The family never thought this was possible, but she made their wishes come true. Her skills and leadership are invaluable to the ICU.