Cerisse Amrhein

Cerisse Amrheim

Cerisse Amrhein, RN

Antelope Valley Hospital
Lancaster, California
United States
She made me feel like a patient and not a prisoner.

I had several nurses, some better than others, but one in particular stood out.  Her name is Cerisse. She was very kind, understanding and compassionate.  If she said she was going to do something for me she did it in a timely manner and without making me feel like a nuisance. I know I was not the ideal patient, I’m stubborn and I was in a lot of pain, but she treated me like a patient not a burden and made my stay tolerable. 

She made me feel like a patient and not a prisoner.  There’s no way to really put into words how valuable a nurse of her caliber is, but I’ll just say if she was my only nurse you’d have a hard time getting rid of me!

Please tell her how much I appreciated everything she did for me and the way she did it.