June 2020
Bryan Medical Center
United States
Alesha Underwood - Project Lead.
All staff members contributed to and supported items in this story.




This staff cared for a patient who was homeless and on the unit for several months due to needing long term IV Antibiotics and frequent surgeries. He had no family and was alone.
We celebrated his birthday by throwing a little party. The nurses took turns buying him things to help occupy his time. On Christmas, we got him a small pre-lit Christmas tree. He became a part of us.
Unfortunately, he unexpectedly coded and passed away just when we felt like he was actually making strides towards discharge to a long term facility. His death was heartbreaking for all of those involved in his care.
Alesha reached out to the staff and asked if we would like to set up a 'Go Fund Me' in honor of this patient. The money raised was given to Matt Talbot Kitchen (an organization that provides meals to the working poor and homeless). The funds donated reflected the number of days/meals this patient spent at Bryan West. We were able to feed other homeless people in honor of our dear friend (almost 200 meals).
This team showed that they live our organization's Core Values of care like crazy by giving the best care possible and not judging somebody on their life circumstances. They also enjoyed the journey by helping him make the best out of his situation. They recognized when he had bad days and helped him celebrate Christmas, his birthday, and every day in between.
They also displayed one team, one purpose by supporting each other and debriefing after his passing and coming up with a great way to celebrate his life, while also affecting the lives of others who are less fortunate than us.