Ceena Cherian

Ceena Cherian

Ceena Cherian, RN, BSN

Medical City Arlington
Arlington, Texas
United States
His safety, physical and mental, were Ceena's primary concerns.

My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran with PTSD, some dementia, COPD, two DVT’s, arthritis, and many other problems. He was having bladder spasms which were causing him severe pain. When Ceena came on duty, she immediately tried to reach the urologist. He was in surgery, but she kept trying. She was able to determine Dr. H Jr. had seen my husband in the ER and all the while she had been trying to reach Dr. H Sr. We never knew there were two Dr. Hs.

The Doctor recommended surgery that morning, and Ceena immediately got my husband ready for that surgery. After first meeting Ceena, he stated that she was his “favorite” and he joked with her and Musu. They were both so pleasant and positive and joked with him. Being delusional, my husband thought the surgery would “cure” him immediately and there would be no more pain. Of course, that’s not true! His PTSD kicked in and he was hurting, angry, and felt he was being forced to stay. When Ceena came in the next morning, she joked with him as she had the day before. She explained he was setting off the IV “beeping” by moving his arm. He became mean after that and yelled he wasn’t at fault. Ceena calmly listened and continued his care. I left the hospital and upon my return, he was complaining to administration even though he was at fault. In spite of all that, Ceena continued his care and was extremely professional today.

He remembers nothing about his hospitalization. Ceena is the most, competent, patient, talented nurse I’ve known. His safety, physical and mental, were her primary concerns. I thank God Ceena was his nurse during this stay. Without her, I don’t know how things would have been. She went above and beyond in every aspect of a difficult situation and unpredictable situation.