Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown, RN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Here is what an employee, Carol, had to say about Catherine: “I wanted to take the time to say what a great job Catherine is doing. Her peers, Tina, Jan, and Stacey, all made a point of telling me what a great asset she is to the unit. On Friday, we had a Spanish-speaking family who were to spend the night. There was a problem with housekeeping and it ended up being PM shift before the room was ready. Catherine stayed over after her shift to help them get settled and to assure them that everything was fine before she left for the night. No matter where she is scheduled for the day, if we need to talk to a mom about feeding, bringing a car seat, or find out what questions/concerns they have, Catherine is there to help us with her very fluent Spanish. I also want to make a point that she does not discuss diagnosis or treatment, just the little things such as a family who needs to come back for a bili check. She is great, always willing to help, and very compassionate and patient with the families.”