Carrie Wise
December 2013
Emergency Department
Kittitas Valley Healthcare
United States




As you can imagine, it takes a special RN to work in the Emergency Department. They must possess excellent critical thinking skills and be able to quickly and accurately assess the situation to determine the immediate action necessary to save a life, all while reassuring a stressed patient and their family during a crisis. It is especially difficult on the team when the patient in crisis is a child.

Recently a pediatric patient was brought to Kittitas Valley Healthcare Emergency Department in full cardiac and respiratory arrest, with CPR in progress by the ambulance crew. I was in the Emergency Department just after the Code was announced and present when the child arrived. The response by our facility was phenomenal. Extraordinary teamwork occurred from every member of the team: Medical providers, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Imaging Technicians, Laboratory, Pharmacists, Unit Secretaries, Nursing Assistants, House Supervisors, and Social Services. All working together like a well rehearsed and well orchestrated team, each knowing their role and skillfully working in harmony to support this child and his family.

With such extraordinary teamwork, it is impossible to pick one person to honor. I wish we could give a DAISY award to everyone involved, but the nurse we honor today was nominated by a coworker in Respiratory Therapy who had cared for the child during this emotional event. When the patient was transferred, the Respiratory Therapist returned to her department to decompress and collect herself. Carrie Wise, RN, recognized that this case had impacted her coworker on an emotional level and that she needed some support- so she sought her out to comfort her, reassured her that she had done an awesome job providing excellent care to this patient, share a hug and some tears. The Respiratory Therapist was so touched by Carrie's compassion that she shared this story to nominate Carrie for DAISY Award for her extreme compassion.

Thank you, Carrie, for reaching out in loving care and compassion and for being an example that we can follow. You are an extraordinary nurse and we are very proud to have you working at KVH and part of our Emergency Department team.