Carrie Burwinkel

Carrie Burwinkel, RN

Bethesda North Hospital and Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

On July 24th Carrie was taking care of a patient who had recently had extensive urology surgery. She had been discharged home but returned with nausea and vomiting. Her physician did a paracentesis then placed drains in her abdomen. In the middle of the night, the patient complained of a nagging pain in her lower rib cage area. The patient tried to minimize her concern but Carrie kept digging deeper and reviewing her chart. Carrie called the doctor with her concern that the patient may have a pulmonary embolism although her vital signs and oxygen saturation were within normal limits. The doctor ordered a stat EKG which was normal and a stat CT of her chest to rule out pulmonary embolism. The CT showed multiple PE’s in her lung fields. The doctor congratulated Carrie on her intuition and was thankful Carrie didn’t wait until morning to notify a physician of her concerns.