Carolyn Wilson

Carolyn Wilson

Carolyn Wilson, RN, CEN

Emergency Department
Lankenau Medical Center
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
United States
At the end of the trauma Carolyn stayed with the family and eventually developed a rapport.

Last Saturday was a truly sad and devastating case for all involved. Although everyone did an amazing job, I'd like to recognize Carolyn Wilson who went above and beyond her call of duty.

Carolyn, throughout the code, was present and ready to help if needed. She stayed near the door but every time I turned around, she would ask, "What can I do, what can I get?" At the end of the trauma she stayed with the family and eventually developed a rapport. She brought in a memory box which contained 2 necklaces, 1 for the patient and 1 for the Mom, a blanket that she put over the patient, and then placed in the box for the parents to take home, a hand imprint/molding, and a locket of the patient's hair.

The patient's father returned to the ED on Sunday looking for his daughter just wanting to hold her. There was a little confusion initially because of a language barrier. Carolyn was working and again was able to talk to him and help him through what I can only perceive to be earth shattering devastation. Carolyn also went to the viewing to offer support and condolences for the family. She truly is an angel who went far above her responsibilities.

In trauma we usually meet people on the worst days of their lives, and this was the situation last weekend. I just wanted to take the time to recognize Carolyn. Her compassion and strength during this difficult time was all this family had in that moment.