Carol McCafferty

Carol McCafferty, RN, BSN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States

Carol is an expert critical care nurse. She received her BSN degree from the University of Iowa in 1985, worked first on a general medicine floor (5BT) and then came to the MICU where she has remained for the last 23 years. Carol is a compassionate, caring nurse who is committed to the critically ill patient. She is a strong patient advocate who goes above and behind on a daily basis in meeting the patient and family needs. Families often comment how much they appreciate the care she provides, and how comfortable they feel knowing Carol is caring for their loved one.

Carol was nominated for the DAISY by the husband of a patient she cared for who wrote:

“Although all the nurses we encountered during my wife’s hospital stay were very good, Carol stood out. She was very knowledgeable in her field, and her compassion and sensitivity were outstanding. She kept us well informed of lab results, what was happening, and what to expect in certain situations. She really “fit in” with our family. It was like she was just one of us. She was totally committed to making my wife comfortable, relaxed, informed, and made a bad situation as pleasant as possible. She is a dedicated, compassionate nurse, and one you should be very proud of”

Thanks to Carol for the excellent service you provide. Your caring truly makes a difference in the lives you serve. The MICU and UI Hospitals is a better place because of your commitment and dedication to our patients.