Brooke Lobuts
February 2022
Surgical Trauma ICU (STICU)
UVA Health
United States




Her shift was over but she stayed until my father's last breath.
I was looking for a way to thank this wonderful nurse. My 79-year-old father had been in the hospital for almost a month. I got a call saying to come in. That he was about to pass. When we got to the hospital my sister and I were in such distress. The doctors were trying to explain what was happening. Over their voices, I heard this calming voice telling us she was there for us and what was about to happen. The compassion and care she gave to my dying father, and us, was wonderful. She explained every detail in a way that we understood. She went above and beyond her duties making sure that even sounds didn't bother us. We spent all day and late evening there by our father's bedside. She came in with some drinks and crackers so that we could take turns having something to eat or drink outside of the room. She even waited for a few other family members to come to say their goodbyes. Her shift was over but she stayed until my father's last breath. She made us feel important not just doing her job. What a remarkable human being. I can't believe that she does this every day. She was also taking care of other patients at the same time. Being at the hospital for almost a month she was simply the best nurse I had encountered the entire time. The experience of death is traumatizing but her support and compassion helped get us through it.