May 2014
Neonatal ICU
Cook Children's Medical Center
Fort Worth
United States




I visited the hospital in a situation not ordinary. I am from the U.K. and my twin boys were born to a surrogate in Fort Worth. They arrived prematurely. In an emotionally overwhelming situation 5000 miles from my family, two new born sons in NICU, a lack of understanding of how USA medical services operate, and in a strange, unknown city to me, Brooke was an exceptional support to me, my two sons, and an excellent ambassador for Cook Children's. I voiced my concerns and confusion with Brooke that I was finding it challenging with the number of people involved in my babies' care (all of whom were brilliant). So she put herself forward as their primary nurse. My boys responded so well to her approach, which was far more than a clinical approach, and I felt incredibly comforted knowing it was Brooke who was caring for them. She did not just care for the boys, she made an effort to make sure I was adjusting to life at Cook Children's and in Fort Worth, making sure I knew how to navigate the area, where to shop and eat. Brooke knew the patterns and behaviors of my sons, and was intuitive with their needs and care. Brooke would notice small changes in their behavior that others did not. She stood out from the already extraordinary group of nurses and her personable, caring, compassionate, intuitive approach deserves recognition. Cook has been, for us, fantastic. Brooke made it exceptional.