Brittany Fowler
August 2018
3 Surgical
FirstHealth - Moore Regional Hospital
United States




I came into the surgical unit as a transfer from MRH-Hoke with a large kidney stone obstructing my left kidney and bladder. I was in the most pain of my life and had extreme anxiety about the surgery needed to correct the issue. From the moment Brittany Fowler met me she instantly calmed me down and took care of me as I've never experienced. She was always on top of my pain control, anxiety, and well-being.
After my surgery, I was unable to void my bladder and was in excruciating pain. I have had horrible experiences with attempted catheterization in the past, with no one ever able to cath me without being put under. Brittany assured me we would get it to work and got with the doctor to ensure it would be successful. She stayed with me and walked me through the whole process which took over an hour. She was able to calm me down, eliminate the pain and successfully perform the procedure where doctors and specialists had failed in the past. She constantly motivated me to assure me of my well-being, taking time from her busy schedule to make sure I was comfortable and anxiety-free every chance she got. She would show up with food in the middle of the night, just to make sure I was eating and continuing to get my strength back. She was always willing to talk and lend an ear to listen to me that made me less anxious and truly feel like I was a VIP.
Brittany explained everything going on, realistic expectations and provided constant support throughout this ordeal. She seemed to have a genuine interest in my well-being. I've been through 4 major hospitalizations throughout my life and none compared to this one. She interacted with my family as well in a way that calmed and assured them of my well-being. She absolutely made this horrible illness a great experience and I could not have ever imagined better care.
Brittany is an exceptional nurse who is a great member of your staff who will undoubtedly showcase the care, professionalism, and everything a superb medical facility has to offer. Although I won't soon forget the pain and suffering of my medical problem, I can guarantee I will remember the exceptional care and comfort Brittany provided me and will highly recommend your facility if you employ such a tremendous individual. It is my hope that she can receive some type of reward for her care of me as all I can offer is my sincere thanks and ongoing appreciation.
You don't come by an individual more dedicated to their patients, as Brittany often is, and anyone lucky enough to have Brittany as their caregiver will undoubtedly never forget the kindness, quality of care, and just how exceptional a person/nurse she is. Please tell her that I cannot thank her enough for everything she did to make this difficult time an experience that won't forget, but not due to the pain and suffering but for the exceptional care, she provided me.