Brenda Blodgett

Brenda Blodgett

Brenda Blodgett, RN

Maine VA Healthcare System
Augusta, Maine
United States

Ms. Blodgett had two nominations, one directly from a long term vented patient, and the other from a patient's daughter:

I have been a patient in the SCU at VA Togus for over a year. Brenda is one nurse that stands out. She has always made me feel welcome and comfortable, she continually advocates for me since I might not always have the right knowledge of the jargon to get the attention of the doctors. Brenda is always prepared and thinking ahead for example when needing to perform my dressing changes she always has everything ready before and is never shy about calling pharmacy or prosthetics to get the necessary items I need. On days she is not my nurse she stops by making me feel important no matter what. I'm not just a patient but more like a family member.


My dad was in the SCU for a week and Brenda was his nurse for most of his stay. She was very nice to him and helped to keep his spirits up. When you are 86 it is hard to be happy when you are sick. She made sure he got the foods he liked and he had no teeth so she always looked out for him. I felt good to go home after my visits knowing that she was his nurse. She is a very thoughtful person.