Blanquita Cabading

Blanquita Cabading

Blanquita Cabading, BSN, RN

Medical Genetics Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
United States

Blanquita's service is not only limited to KFSH&RC patients and staff, but also reaching out to other health care facilities across Saudi Arabia. She is the most senior nurse in the Medical Genetics Clinic. She is one of the pillars of the clinic, who has a wide nursing knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities, compassion, teamwork and excellent communication skills. She joined in the Medical Genetics Clinic in 2011 with 20 years of bedside nursing experience from
B1 (a very challenging pediatric in-patient unit in KFSH&RC). She is now a charge nurse, preceptor and resource nurse.

We consider her as a role model and we proud to be a part of her team. Her interpersonal skills are excellent not only towards patients, but also towards multidisciplinary team members around her in the clinic.

She will ensure to impart her nursing knowledge to others and excellent at making new arrivals in the unit to feel welcome. She promotes a work ethic that focusses on teamwork to ensure and effective and positive work environments, which is then reflected on the day to day running of the clinic.

She encompasses the hospital values and mission in all her daily activities. She is kind, courteous, and professional in her daily nursing practice.

The patients and their families greatly admire her for her kindness, compassion, empathy and knowledge. Working with patients who have extreme Genetic metabolic illnesses and disorders is challenging. Her knowledge about our patient population is crucial to her role in the area, and she is an expert nurse working with all developmental age groups.

She knows what is going on in the unit and helps out personally to all nurses and patients. We always go to her with questions and queries. She regularly comes early to clinic and leaves late to help patient queries, documentation audits, clinics that run overtime,etc. Without any hesitation. Her service is not only limited to those patients who visit our clinic, but also to community as we have nine (9) different outreach centers across Saudi Arabia, where we relocated our patients safely for their Enzyme Replacement Therapy.

She travels with the medical genetic outreach team to different hospitals and outreach centers across KSA to provide necessary education and training for enzyme replacement therapy to their nursing staff as well as supplies needed for the infusion to do the enzyme replacement therapy safely for our patients.

She is the one leading the infusionist nurses team for a multinational, multi centered clinical research for Morquio A syndrome.

She was our first UBC Chair when we first started UBC in our clinic. She was very active and creative to make us all ready for the magnet accreditation process. Her contributions as our UBC chair was incredible and we are proud to say that she is our Magnet Champion now.

She calm efficient, professional, and reliable with excellent skills. She is just "AWESOME".

The whole Medical Genetic nursing team is nominating Blanquita for DAISY Recognition.

Nominated by: Medical Genetics Team